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uniting conscious customers with great products from small local businesses.

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showcasing small businesses only
Australian made products
ethically sourced materials and ingredients
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  • Solar from Sunnyo

    Solar from Sunnyo

    Meet Solar from Sunnyo 👋 Solar is a mum of two boys and a furr baby, and has a digital marketing background. She founded Sunnyo to provide a family friendly, non-greasy, vegan and organic sunscreen. 🌞
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  • Vicki & Robyn from Soap Shakin Sisters

    Vicki & Robyn from Soap Shakin Sisters

    Meet Vicki & Robyn, founders of Soap Shakin Sisters 👋 They launched Soap Shakin Sisters in March this year. Their new business was inspired by their late mother, Melba. They still have her soap shaker which is over 60 years old. They are passionate about the environment and eliminating single use plastic by creating an economical and durable product that can clearly stand the test of time!
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  • Christelle from Christelle Marie Designs

    Christelle from Christelle Marie Designs

    Meet Christelle from Christelle Marie Designs 👋 Christelle's time is divided between nursing, jewellery creation and being a mum of two beautiful daughters. Christelle Marie Designs was created as a result of Christelle's love for flowers, gardening and creating beautiful things.

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what is the conscious customer co?

The Conscious Customer Co is an online marketplace that connects conscious customers that want to shop locally with great products from small Australian businesses.

Just like an online store, our website lists a catalogue of fashion, accessories, homewares, beauty products, food, beverages and more, and our users can sort and filter products in accordance with their interests, values and budget.

However, unlike an online store, our users do not purchase products via our website. Instead, we add a link to each product listing that redirects the user straight to the small business’ website to purchase so the small business can reap all the benefits of their online sale.

We don’t stock or ship products, we don’t take a cut of the sale and we don’t handle any of the customer interactions – we just make it easier for conscious customers to find great products, and in turn, boost brand awareness for the small businesses registered with The Conscious Customer Co.

what’s important to us?

reducing our environmental impact.

When a small business registers with The Conscious Customer Co., they must confirm that they meet our eligibility criteria of being a small business that sells products made in Australia using sustainable practices. We define sustainable practices as ‘making products in ethical, legal workplaces using methods that aren’t harmful to the environment or workers. The business actively seeks to make products that are recyclable, reusable or compostable, and ships or delivers them using eco-friendly delivery and packaging methods’. In turn, this generally means contributing less to overconsumption, waste and pollution. Any small businesses that don’t meet this criteria simply aren’t listed on our website to give our conscious customers peace of mind when browsing.

buying unique products that are made with love in australia.

Rather than being manufactured by large corporations that lack transparency about their processes, the products listed on The Conscious Customer Co. are made by local talent in small batches, or in some cases, are one-of-a-kind.

helping entrepreneurs thrive.

There is some serious talent within the Australian small business community! Maybe it’s a just a hobby or maybe it’s a full time gig – either way, we want to help entrepreneurs sell their products so they can lead more fulfilling working lives, generate a higher income and stimulate their local economy.

boosting the visibility of local businesses.

Before The Conscious Customer Co., the local businesses listed on our website were commonly discovered by the wider community at markets, but with COVID-19 causing markets to restrict attendee numbers or shut down altogether, we were concerned that these small businesses were losing the crucial sales and visibility that keeps them going. By collating the businesses and products that users would typically find at local markets on a single website, we can boost brand awareness for small businesses and show off great products to a far larger audience without the restrictions that come from selling at a physical location – especially during a pandemic!

keeping money in our local community.

Locally-owned businesses more commonly purchase from other local businesses or organisations which means that more money stays in the local community.

allowing customers to find and sort products easily.

Finding new products and discovering new businesses should be enjoyable and easy, so we use an advanced filtering system that allows conscious customers to filter products based not only on their location and price, but also in accordance with what they value as consumers.